Professor Carel le Roux graduated from medical school in Pretoria South Africa, completed his specialist training in metabolic medicine at St Bartholomew’s Hospitals and the Hammersmith Hospitals. He obtained his PhD from Imperial College London where he later took up a faculty position. He moved to University College Dublin for the Chair in Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine and he is now a Director of the Metabolic Medicine Group. He also holds the position of Professor of Metabolic Medicine at Ulster University and Extra-ordinary Professor of Chemical Pathology at University of Pretoria. He currently coordinates an Innovative Medicine Initiative project on obesity. He previously received the Irish Research Council Researcher of the Year award, a President of Ireland Young Researcher Award, the Irish Research Council Laureate Award, a Clinician Scientist Award from the National Institute Health Research in the UK, and a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Fellowship for his work on how the gut talks to the brain.